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Is the Courier-Mail playing you for a fool?

Brisbane’s Courier Mail has released shocking news about cyclists not keeping their agreement with Queensland motorists.

“Bad cycle of errors for Queensland riders with many flouting road rules”

“THEY were the changes supposed to make our roads safer, but just days after the Newman Government introduced new cycling legislation, bike riders have failed to meet their end of the bargain.”

Oh, shit, no! Those ungrateful bastards.

“In the first police snapshot of the laws in action, Queensland officers have handed out 88 traffic infringement notices to cyclists flouting the state’s road rules.”

That’s 44 per day! In a state with a population of over 4.7 million

(That’s less than 1/100,000 people)

“The number of fines, issued over a two-day period as part of Operation Cycle Safe in Queensland’s north, stand in contrast to the number of motorists caught disobeying the new safe passing laws – zero.”

Well, this sounds terrible. Those naughty rule-breaking cyclists compared to law-abiding motorists.

But hang on a second, that’s a comparison of cyclists breaking ANY road rule, against motorists breaking a single, brand new, road rule.

To be a fair comparison, we have to ask how many motorists in sunny Queensland break ANY road rule, per day.

Luckily, the Queensland Police publish this data. And we can read it here.

In 2011/2012, drivers in Queensland committed the following traffic offenses:

Drink driving


Red light Cameras


Mobile Speed Cameras


Fixed speed cameras




Per day



Yes, that’s right, in 2011/2012, Queensland drivers were fined for breaking traffic rules an average of 1743 times per day.

That’s 39.6 TIMES the number of cyclists fined per day in the recent blitz, every single day of the year.

So, tell me again who’s not holding up their end of the bargain?


I’ve received some good suggestions on ways to improve this quick and dirty comparison:

1) Compare the number of people using each mode of transport to estimate fines per person (or distance travelled) per day

2) Use an annualised figure for cyclist fines.

I will have a go at these in a later post. If anyone has any relevant data please post links in the comments.