GoPro goes broadcast

It seems that plenty of cycling fans will have one of their wishes granted this year, because GoPro has just announced a partnership with Vislink to add transmitting capabilities to GoPro action cameras.

This means on-bike footage can be broadcast live (or at least near-live) during race telecasts.

This is a huge improvement over having to wait for the race to finish so video can be loaded, edited and uploaded to a video sharing site, and it should add another important dimension to race coverage.

I wrote about on-bike video last year, and said at the time that live broadcasts would be the thing that really made it useful, so this is a welcome step.

What is Vislink? It’s a serious professional broadcast technology company with experience in microwave, satellite and cellular transmission, among other things. The fact that GoPro is partnering with a professional broadcast technologist and service provider rather than a consumer electronics firm indicates that this is pitched at the serious end of the market, rather than enthusiasts. That’s arguably a step up-market for GoPro.

I’m sure GoPro’s competitors will also be working on similar capabilities, so viewers could be in for plenty more innovation.

Story via TechCrunch. 

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