Drink Le Tour!

An alternate Tour de France 2014 drinking game. Submissions welcome via Twitter.


Update Stage 16!

Due to a number of rider withdrawals, some of these rules no longer apply. I will strike them from the game and replace them with some new rules.

One sip

Adam Hansen’s carbon shoes

A chateau and/or ruins

A sticky bottle

Phil Sherwen says “in the month of March/April/May/June”

Paul Liggett gets a rider’s name wrong

Sherliggett explains what the different coloured jerseys mean

Contador gets out of the saddle

Marcel Kittel’s hair

Eddy Merckx

Wheel change

Europcar attacks

Gabriel Gate uses butter

You realise you’ve fallen asleep

A rider with a moustache

Fernando Alonso

An English rider

“Lanterne Rouge”

“Riding himself into form” (thanks to @ozwinereview)

NEW someone mentions “echelons”

NEW someone mentions how passionate/crazy the Basque fans are

NEW “former mountain bike rider”

Two sips

Thomas Voeckler’s Sex Face (#voecklersexface)

Jens Voigt attacks

Phil or Paul mentions that Jens Voigt is old

Any retired doper is mentioned

A spectator interferes with a rider

A crash

Chris Froome loses time on a stage (to anyone in the top ten)

NEW Anyone mentions Bradley Wiggins

Finish your drink

A Frenchman wins a stage

Any rider with a race number finishing with a 1 retires from the race

Chris Froome, Alberto Contador or Vincenzo Nibali win a stage

Lance Armstrong


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