Fly6 camera review –

Fly6 review-1

The Fly6 is a video camera for cyclists, integrated into an LED tail-light.

I reviewed the Fly6 camera for Techly.

If you’re interested in the camera and want to see more sample footage and a comparison with the JVC Adixxion camera mentioned in the review, click through to YouTube where you can watch extended video clips in higher resolution.

Notes: Fly6 supplied a pre-sale prototype for evaluation, although apparently it’s not too far off the final hardware.

The good

  • A really good idea to combine a tail-light and camera
  • Pricing is aggressive
  • Easy to fit
  • Versatile mounting kit makes it easy to switch between bikes
  • Standard USB cable, MicroSD card and video codec
  • Easy to charge and use with no hassles

 The bad

  • Video quality could really be better
  • Lacks image stabilisation
  • Setting time and date is a pain
  • No good if you use a saddle bag


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